Villa Gabriel

Private luxury villa in the heart of Dalmatia

Welcome to the Villa Gabriel located in Dicmo, in Split-Dalmatia County. This oasis of peace is perfectly located in Dalmatian hinterland, 24 km away from Split and its beaches,  10 km from Sinj and 7 km from the highway  A1 (“Dalmatina”).  The estate area is surrounded by pristine nature, has lovely landscaped courtyard with the large swimming pool and sunbathing area, outdoor BBQ, dining area and children’s corner.

Are you dreaming of looking at the untouched nature, as soon as you wake up in the morning?Welcome to a perfect escape,  either you are looking for a family vacation or you are traveling with the group of friends, you will find Villa Gabriel in Dicmo a perfect vacation match in Dalmatia’s hinterland…a peaceful oasis created for an ultimate relaxation and private seclusion. Explore the area, visit some spots known only to the locals, wine and dine with us, relax your body and soul at Villa Gabriel.

Unique features and location make our Villa Gabriel a unique place where mind, body and soul are invigorated. Bright and elegant interiors, cozy and friendly exterior and excellent service is what we have and thrive to offer.  

Villa Gabriel is open for rent all year round. We stand at your service at any time during your stay, but we also offer you total privacy to spend your vacation as you wish.


About us

Villa Gabriel represents the next generation of holiday accommodation, with a passion for tradition, luxury accommodation and superb service. We would like to impart the pure essence and tradition of well known Dalmatian hospitality, to you.

Our contemporary Villa Gabriel in Dicmo is situated in a stunning environment of the untouched nature of Dalmatian hinterland, designed and built by our family, with only one goal in mind – bringing you unmatched Dalmatian experience.  

We have grown up in Dicmo and call it home, so we are dedicated to help you discover Dicmo and its surroundings, from an authentic, local perspective.  Our guest support starts prior to your arrival and continues throughout your stay.  Our mission at Villa Gabriel  is to create unforgettable holiday experience for you. 

We look forward to meeting and hosting you and your loved ones.