Geography and History

The municipality of Dicmo is part of the Dalmatian hinterland. It is located on the mainland of Split-Dalmatia County near Split. Dicmo has been inhabited since the Illyrian ages and got its name  from the word “Decimanum”, because it was the “tenth mile” on the ancient road between Salona and Aequum

The municipality of Dicmo occupies a significant geo-traffic position and borders the town of Sinj on the north side, the town of Trilj on the east, the municipality of Dugopolje on the south and the municipalities of Muć and Klis on the west. The municipality of Dicmo consists of seven settlements: Dicmo Ercegovci, Dicmo Kraj, Dicmo Krušvar, Dicmo Osoje, Dicmo Prisoje, Dicmo Sičane, Dicmo Sušci.


Dicmo area and its surroundings are a unique gastronomic destination widely known for many original dishes, such as frogs, fish and specialties of crab, meals “under the lid”, “arambašići” (sauerkraut leaves stuffed with beef, pork and veal cut into small pieces, with seasonings), lamb, pulestar (young chicken) spit roasted, “koštradina” (smoked and dried lamb), venison/game meat, smoked ham, goat and cow cheese, fritter… Local restaurants with exceptional gastronomic offer, shops and playground are located close to the property.

Active vacation

Dicmo is an ideal destination for active holidays. Horseback riding, cycling, mountaineering or hiking are the best way to truly experience the beauty of the Dicmo region. We suggest you to visit the source of the river Grab and hike in the mountains of Kamešnica.  Rafting, cannoning and kayaking are just some of the activities on the river Cetina. Enjoy the unique beauty of untouched nature and the cultivated fields and vineyards, hidden springs in the karst and the armlets of small rivers.

You can spend a day on a beach (nearest beach is 20 km away) and get back in the evening, visit national park Krka (easy access to the highway) or any other city at the coast or the hinterland.  The neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina is 20 km away, so why not make a short trip?

The perfect location of our Gabriel Villa offers you countless possibilities for a great vacation.

What’s nearby

  • Žnjan Beach – 23 km
  •  Split – 24 km
  • Split airport – 36 km
  • Sinj – 11 km
  • Trilj – 17 km
  • Trogir – 40 km